Take your business to the next level with ThirdEye’s X2 MR Glasses

Take your Enterprise Business to the Next Level with the X2 Smart Glasses


With leading technology interwoven into every aspect of ThirdEye Gen’s X2 Smart Glasses, enterprise businesses in all industries will benefit from the use of augmented and mixed reality. Companies in the healthcare, manufacturing, and field service industries now have access to enterprise solutions with our unique hardware and software included in the world’s smallest AR/MR smart glasses. The X2 glasses will assist enterprise companies in maximizing their productivity as well as improving key performance indicators (KPIs). Additionally, the glasses will lead to better workplace/worker safety and an enhanced overall attractiveness of employee tasks.


By bringing your company goals and tasks to life with AR/MR technology, enterprise workforces can save money and time. ThirdEye’s X2 smart glasses have been proven to save businesses 40% in productivity improvements while creating an immersive and engaging work environment. Companies spanning from the airline industry to the sport or telecommunications industries will prosper from the X2’s advantageous tools such as the VisionEye SLAM SDK for 3D environment tracking and the ability to use motion gaze control, audio commands, and gestures on the user interface.  A further tool that comes equipped with our all-in-one hardware/software solution is the ability to connect the glasses via bluetooth to other devices such as smartphones and tablets allowing for a smooth flow of data/information.


Partnering with ThirdEye Gen will allow any enterprise business to experience enormous growth in first-time-fix rates, increases in product uptime, and superior overall customer experiences. Optimizing operational efficiency with the help of the X2 smart glasses is guaranteed with the customizable approach that Thirdeye offers their valued enterprise business customers. Our personally designed Thirdeye App Suite offers enterprise companies the ability to create a platform for their business and customize the use of the smart glasses in various work situations. A powerful enterprise platform paired with the leading hardware of the X2 smart glasses will result in fewer errors, increased KPI’s, and an overall more efficient workplace across all enterprise industries.