A Side-by-Side Comparison of the ThirdEye X2 MR Smart Glasses vs. One-eye Glasses

A frequently asked question about ThirdEye’s X2 smart glasses are how they compare to similar leading products in the augmented/mixed reality market. Our prominent competitors in the AR/MR market make similar products such as wearable headpieces which focus on single-eye display. The X2 smart glasses are equipped with a binocular stereoscopic 3D display (allowing both eyes to see the display) while showing a 90-inch virtual screen with a 42° field of view. Comparatively, single-eye glasses have reduced field of views and project minimal displays that are the size of small tablets. ThirdEye’s X2 mixed reality smart glasses are competitively priced at a low $1,950/unit while one-eye glasses in the same market are more expensive per unit. In addition to a low price point, Thirdeye offers complete built-in AR/MR enterprise software capabilities including access to the Thirdeye App Suite for only $50/month per user. Through the enterprise software capabilities, the end user will have access to full hardware and software support from ThirdEye which similar AR/MR firms that specialize in one-eye glasses do not offer. At the height of AR/MR technology, Thirdeye offers an abundance of competitive advantages through the X2 smart glasses. Several firms working on developing one-eye glasses are not incorporating simultaneous localization and mapping technology (SLAM) into their devices. However, Thirdeye has successfully incorporated VisionEye SLAM SDK for 3D environment tracking with 5D/EDGE compute capability and Unity/Unreal SDKs. Furthermore, the X2 user interface features head motion gaze control, audio commands, gestures, and bluetooth capabilities; these capstone features allow Thirdeye to stay ahead of our close competitors in the market. A final beneficial aspect of Thirdeye’s competitive advantage is our enterprise deployment pricing which allows businesses to keep their overall costs lower by utilizing our low cost packages. With the cheapest pair of smart glasses currently in the market paired with affordable app suite and built-in enterprise software, our customers will benefit financially through their AR/MR investments. After realizing the full potential of Thirdeye’s X2 smart glasses, enterprise companies in the healthcare, field service, and manufacturing industries can take advantage of the large-scale enterprise deployment opportunities.