ThirdEye Gen Inc.,

Our Vision

At ThirdEye Gen, we are developing the next generation of Augmented Reality for both the Commercial and Consumer worlds.

AR brings about a new era of human interaction – via directly interacting with surrounding objects through the Internet of Things (IoT) or placing digital info directly into your Field of View.

Our X1 Smart Glasses™ represents the latest in powerful AR smart glasses technology .

Our X1 Smart Glasses and Enterprise Software are used by Fortune 500 companies as a total solution straight-out-of-the-box.   At ThirdEye, we also develop your custom software solutions and integrate them directly into the X1 Smart Glasses-  so no need to learn how to configure a 3rd party software app- the full solution comes to you as a fully integrated product.

Our powerful ThirdEye software platforms are used across 20+ Enterprise verticals.  They allow you to increase efficiency, maximize savings and use Augmented Reality to enhance your operations.  Contact us to learn more about how ThirdEye’s AR solutions can be used or customized for you!

Augmented Reality has the potential to change so much of the way the world operates.
At ThirdEye Gen, our vision is to help lead the way and generate the future.

AR Smart Glasses in Healthcare Market

Our History

ThirdEye’s team has pedigree in the Augmented Reality space with 20+ years of advanced technology development for the Department of Defense.

Our developed tech include laser range-finders for pre-shot threat detection, AR scopes mounted onto rifles, electro-optics design and Augmented Reality Head Mounted Displays (HMD) for the soldier as well as many patents in the field.  We utilize our experience developing for the most demanding use case – the US Soldier.

  • Based in Princeton, NJ we design and develop everything here in the US.
  • With the total focus on the success of our clients, we are committed to developing the cutting edge of technology.



At ThirdEye we will use our expertise to bring AR for education, enterprise, and consumer use. We have state-of-the-art laboratories and facilities that house renowned engineers and scientists dedicated to advanced AR technology with the highest standards of quality and performance.  We understand the complex challenges of creating a successful Augmented Reality product.  Our X1 Smart Glasses™ let users experience true AR and allow developers the freedom to create engaging Augmented Reality apps.

Experience the world with the X1.