Get Ready to Generate the Future of Unmanned Aerial Drones

Augmented reality wearable technology is transforming the way first responders, law enforcement units, and on-site service teams utilize unmanned aerial drones in the field. Outdoor environments that have been typically too difficult or too dangerous to reach in the past, are now being explored with versatile AR-enabled drones.

Equipped with the X2 MR Glasses, drone operators can visualize live drone feeds through an augmented reality heads-up display in their field of view. This allows the drone pilot to stay situationally aware while also keeping an eye on where the drone is flying in the physical world.

Increased situational awareness, more efficient field inspections, and augmented reality enhancements are just the beginning.

Get Ready to Generate the Future of Visualizing RF System Data
Connected Network

Increased Awareness

Now equipped with AR capabilities, aerial drones have become more effective in the field than ever before. ThirdEye's X2 MR Glasses are enabling field techs to increase situational awareness while operating drones through a heads-up display. With a digitally projected display, drone operators can see the live drone field in their field of view while simultaneously visualizing the drone in their physical environment.

RF Systems

Object Recognition

Unmanned aerial drones powered by augmented reality are leveraging machine learning to identify industrial objects in the field. Object recognition capabilities allow field service technicians to access responsive IoT data in real-time, troubleshoot equipment maintenance, and provide offsite management teams with visuals from the field for more efficient decision making.

Custom RF Monitoring

Thermal Inspections

Live thermal scanning from a bird's-eye view is streamlining the way field service teams conduct routine inspections over large industrial areas. The same thermal capabilities are also being used by first responders and law enforcement teams to assess hazardous disaster zones, search for missing/injured victims, and to see more clearly through smoke to identify potential flare-up hot spots.

Hands-Free Access to Live Digital Information

From live digital information overlaid directly in your FOV to safety assurances in the field, the X2 MR Glasses improve situational awareness, productivity, and efficiency!

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