Bringing Education to Life with AR Headsets

As advances in technology progress over time, so does the way people acquire knowledge, skills, and educational values. With the incorporation of augmented and mixed reality headset solutions into educational institutions, students of all ages are able to learn through immersive and engaging experiences. Augmented reality is transforming the way students understand and retain information by allowing them to bring their imagination and thoughts to life. Studies show that visual aids when paired with teaching help students focus on content for longer periods of time and also assists in making education more interactive. Strong visual aids like 3D generated models and images will also help teachers spark the interest of their class while clarifying key points and expanding on ideas.

Imagine sitting in classes as a middle schooler with the chance to bring your textbook to life just by scanning an image or code. Through the technology woven into the X2 MR Glasses, textbooks can now become animated with 3D visuals. Limitless possibilities for teaching are unlocked with 3D models that cannot only be examined but also be manipulated in size, shapes, and colors. With multiple pairs of the X2 smart glasses, teachers and students have the ability to visualize the same objects and work on the same projects simultaneously. Collaboration is reaching new heights with augmented reality hardware and software solutions by bringing an immersive and engaging learning experience to students of all ages.

At an institutional level, augmented and mixed reality are helping shape curriculums with the addition of captivating projects. For both undergrad and graduate level courses, AR headsets like the X2s are allowing students to get real-life experience with developing software and testing their projects live. Professors can provide students with an open and creative environment with the freedom of developing applications for entertainment or for enterprise solutions. In addition to shaping curriculums, AR headsets can also be used for tutoring purposes. Students can utilize the remote help function of the X2 smart glasses to communicate in live time with a remote tutor. While learning new material or reviewing for a class assessment, the tutor can make live screen annotations so the student can better understand the work. Education at all levels will be reinvented for the betterment of learning with the assistance of augmented and mixed reality headset solutions.