Check out how X2 Mixed Reality Glasses are changing the industry. Unveiled at CES 2019

As technology rapidly evolves, it’s more important than ever to use augmented reality for your business. ThirdEye provides a comprehensive and easy-to-use platform for enterprises from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. ThirdEye’s X2 Smart Glasses users take advantage of the ThirdEye App Suite and built-in VisionEye SLAM SDK to tackle their toughest business problems, no matter the industry.

Remote Help

The ThirdEye App Suite comes with two powerful AR apps that will help transform your business. The first of the two apps is the Remote Help Platform, a robust see-what-I-see platform that allows the user to stream what they are seeing directly to a remote expert.

The remote expert can send the X2 user a 3D CAD model with annotated instructions that the user can overlay on their field of view. The user can anchor the 3D CAD model where they desire to allow for an easy workflow with the X2’s SLAM SDK. Businesses save money by opting to use remote help to solve complex mechanical problems instead of the expensive process of flying out an engineer.


The second app in the ThirdEye App Suite is the ScanEye Platform. The ScanEye Platform allows you to generate a CAD model of real-world objects quickly and with exceptional accuracy by scanning them with your X2 Smart Glasses. Easily overlay 3D models onto the real world to visualize your blueprint designs and concepts with the ScanEye Platform.

With the X2’s SLAM SDK, the X2 can define an anchor that ensures its ability to track the object’s displacement over a period of time. The SLAM SDK efficiently improves the Smart Glasses’ understanding of the position and environment. The X2 uses a proprietary system to do full environment meshing in a small glasses form factor without needing additional processing pack.

If you are looking to make positive changes in your industry by utilizing augmented/mixed reality, the X2 is the product for you. The X2s are the world’s smallest, most affordable mixed reality glasses.

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