Controlling the User Interface on the X2 MR Glasses

As a standalone wearable headset for augmented reality, the X2 MR Glasses have multiple ways to interact with the user interface. Every pair of the smart glasses comes with built-in gaze control (head motion control) and voice commands. These functionalities allow the user of the glasses to perform actions such as opening applications, typing on the keyboard, and interacting with applications. The X2s were designed for simplistic user interaction with basic applications like the camera, internet, email, settings, and more. 

The most simple way to interact with the user interface is with the gaze control tool. With gaze control, the user can move the cursor on the screen of the glasses with head motions. By looking up, down, left, right, and diagonally across the screen, the cursor will follow the users head motion in the directions that they are looking. When hovering over something that the user wishes to select, the user can simply click the select button on the top right of the headset to interact with that application. An additional way of selecting things on the interface of the glasses is the auto click function. By navigating to the user interface tab at the top of the screen, the user can turn on the auto click setting. Now the glasses will automatically click on something that can be interacted with while hovering over it for a few seconds.

A further way to interact with the user interface on the X2s is the custom ThirdEye voice commands. Similar to the virtual assistants built into popular cellular phones and tablets, “ThirdEye” is the virtual assistant for augmented reality. With built-in microphones always ready for voice commands, the user can begin their action by stating “Okay ThirdEye” followed by a specific commands. Audible commands can range from phrases such as “open my internet explorer” or “close out of all of my applications.” After stating your audio command for the ThirdEye virtual assistant, the command action will take place on the user interface of the glasses. Multiple ways to interact with the user interface will allow field service workers in various industries to be proficient and hands free while completing their tasks.