Demoing ThirdEye’s Augmented Reality Platforms around the world!

2 countries.  6,000 miles.  2 great conferences!

It’s been a busy week here at ThirdEye.  Our Founder Nick Cherukuri and Business Developer Pedro Carvalheira flew to both Vancouver and Boston for a full week of AR conversations, Smart Glasses demonstrations and creating new partnerships.

The first stop was the VR/AR Global Summit where ThirdEye not only had a booth, but was able to lead a discussion on AR Smart Glasses – video!

The team met developers from all over the world eager to use their skills to create apps that can be loaded into ThirdEye’s X1a Smart Glasses for the end-user.  It was inspiring to hear developers’ ideas and use cases for our glasses – everything from enlarging and dictating text for the visually impaired to overlaying annotations in remote workers’ field-of-view.   We met with hundreds of developers who had all types of ideas from gaming to B2B content that they could use smart glasses for!

After a fun-filled few days north of the border, the team then went to Boston for the Airline Passenger Experience Expo. 

Being the only AR Smart Glasses vendor at the event had its perks, as the team was able to hold a captive audience of Aviation industry professionals.  The Industry was very enthusiastic about ThirdEye’s ability to not only help manufacturers with our Remote Help App, but also the possibility of incorporating the X1a Smart Glasses into in-flight entertainment!

As you can see, there’s a lot of exciting things happening in the AR space and ThirdEye is at the forefront of this game-changing technology.

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