ThirdEye’s App Store for AR & MR Smart Glasses Software Developers

X1 Smart Glasses
The ThirdEye App Store provides developers a method to easily submit their applications, earn money and have their applications accessible and downloaded by any user of the ThirdEye Smart Glasses.  The goal of the app store was to allow individual developers who may not have the resources of a full fledged company to still be able to submit their apps to a wide market and also to earn revenue.  ThirdEye’s smart glasses are based on Android so it is considerably easier to develop content for it as well as use existing SDKs.   Over 500 developers are registered in the App Store currently with more joining everyday- get started now! For developers to get started with the app store:
  1.  Go to and create an account for yourself or for your company
  2. Once your .apk is ready, submit it under the “Submit my app” tab on the left of the home screen dashboard
  3. Please make sure to enter in the correct package ID of your .apk- this way your .apk can be easily updated for any future versions.  Otherwise the user will see 2 versions of the same .apk
  4. Enter in the app name, any screenshots, its version number and a brief description of your .apk
  5. Click on either the “Free” or “Paid” choices for your .apk.  A “Free” .apk means anyone with Smart Glasses can download your .apk for free. A “Paid” .apk means anyone with Smart Glasses has to pay your chosen price to download the .apk.   Please refer to the software developer agreement for how the “Paid” price payment is split between the Developer and ThirdEye.  Note- none of the ad revenue generated within an app is taken by ThirdEye-  the payment split only happens with the initial indicated price.
  6. Click “Submit” on the last screen
  7. A ThirdEye Rep will test the .apk on the Smart Glasses and if it works, your app will be approved and viewable in the App Store.  If the .apk does not work, you will receive an email indicating why & you can address the issues and resubmit.
  8. As a developer you are free to update your app at any time (click on the “update app” button and make sure your package ID is the same as the original submitted app)  or delete your app.
  9. If you have any questions about the SDK or technical documentation listed on the website, please contact or refer to the Developer Forum.
  ThirdEye is creating a wide developer community for AR & MR.  With an easy development platform, low price point and strong technical features, ThirdEye’s smart glasses allow developers to create the next generation of content that will be used going into the future!   X1 Smart Glasses