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Augmented Reality Glasses
AR VR Smart Glasses

“Not a bulky headset, which is crucial for remote field workers who need a portable product that is easy to carry around.”

PAM P., CIO at BANC3 Engineering

Generate your Future

As technology rapidly evolves, it’s more important than ever to use AR for your business. ThirdEye’s end-to-end solution provides a comprehensive and easy-to-use platform for enterprises from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Whether it’s time to create a new vision or put one into place, we can help you uncover the best AR/MR practices to solve your toughest business problems–no matter the industry.

  • Deep immersion on the problem and organization
  • SWOT Diagnosis / Design Thinking / Hacker
  • Highlight where AR/MR is the perfect Solution
  • Design and create
  • Implementation & Feedback

ThirdEye offers dedicated support packages.  Please refer to the below table and contact sales@thirdeyegen.com for more info.

Type of SupportDescriptionPricing
Technical Support RepSupport Specialist available for answering any questions. $150/hr. Available in 10 hour, 50 hour, 100 hour, 500 Hour and 1000 hour packages.
On-Site InstallationThirdEye Support Specialist comes on-site.$1000/day.
Custom PackagesThirdEye offers custom support packages based on volume.Contact sales@thirdeyegen.com for info.
Fixed Fee Custom Development PackageRefer to the ThirdEye Custom Software Page for any questions regarding creating custom software for ThirdEye Smart Glasses.Refer to the ThirdEye Custom Software Page.
ThirdEye App Suite UseIf you are a standard or unlimited User of the ThirdEye App Suite, a support specialist will help answer any questions related to using the app.ThirdEye App Suite Pricing available on ThirdEye App Suite Page.
No SupportUse ThirdEye Forum for your questions.  Response time is significantly longer.

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