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ThirdEye Mixed Reality for Enterprise- An all-in-one Hardware & Software solution for your Enterprise needs

Wear the Future and help your Enterprise Workers maximize their productivity, improve Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), better worker safety and overall make tasks more attractive

ThirdEye’s Mixed Reality Glasses & Enterprise AR Software Platforms are used by enterprises from small-mid sized organizations to Fortune 500 companies. Nearly 40% savings in productivity improvements is being achieved. ThirdEye’s Mixed Reality Glasses have built-in SLAM which allows for more advanced enterprise applications than are available on a simple one-eye screen. ThirdEye offers a wide range of Enterprise solutions based on your needs. Join them now and bring AR/MR into your workplace!

80% of the global workforce performs physical labor daily

AR for Enterprise is estimated to be a $190 Billion Market

— Goldman Sachs

ThirdEye Enterprise Customers & Partners

ThirdEye App Suite Software Platform for Enterprise

The ThirdEye App Suite provides a powerful enterprise software platform built into the ThirdEye Smart Glasses. The App Suite offers features such as live AR remote help, 3D SLAM based CAD modeling/overlay & other AR/MR capabilities. Over 500 enterprise customers around the world are using the ThirdEye App Suite with significant KPI improvements. Watch the below videos and contact us to have a demo today!

Field Services




Improved KPIs

Fewer errors

Used by Fortune 500 Companies

Happier Workers

Increased Safety

Increased Transparency

Purpose Built for Enterprise

Conveniently clip into your hardhat and your ThirdEye Mixed Reality Glasses are at your command

Intrinsically Safe

ANSI Z87 Certified straight out of the box

100% Hands-Free


Cancelling Microphones for audio capture/commands

Built-In Industrial Apps with ThirdEye App Suite and Hundreds of Software Developer Partners

Video Optimized for Streaming in low-bandwidth situations

13 Megapixel HD camera for high resolution capture/streaming

IP 66, ATEX IECEx ratings certified with clip-on module.

See the ThirdEye Mixed Reality Page for more info or Contact Us for a demo.

AR VR Smart Glasses

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ThirdEye’s Enterprise Representatives can get you started using Augmented/Mixed Reality for your business. ThirdEye offers pilot programs, dedicated support reps for any of your questions and built-in software for your needs. We are an all-in-one Enterprise hardware and software solution. Contact Us to get started now.

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