Our Vision

AR brings about a new era of human interaction – via directly placing digital info into your Field of View.  Augmented Reality has the potential to change so much of the way the world operates.

At ThirdEye Gen, our vision is to help lead the way and generate the future.

Why are engineers using ThirdEye’s Augmented Reality solution?

The Engineering/Construction sector is seeing powerful use cases for AR in the work environment. The X series Smart Glasses and ThirdEye’s app suite help save time, make workers safer and increase customer satisfaction.

ThirdEye’s Remote Help Platform allows an expert to “See-What-I-See” of a construction worker at an on-site construction site with live audio/video and AR instructions.

ThirdEye’s ScanEye Platform allows construction workers to generate highly accurate 3D scans of on-site locations and visualize blueprints in 3D and overlaid on top of the real world. ThirdEye also provides custom AR app development specifically for your needs.


How the ThirdEye Remote Help Platform benefits engineers?

The ThirdEye Remote Help Platform provides a powerful “See-What-I-See” platform with Augmented Reality features.

  • Hands-Free “See-What-I-See” Remote Expert – an on-site worker relays the live Point of View via the X1a Smart Glasses to a remote expert & provides/receives live/audio instructions.
  • “Record/Screenshot Point of View data” – save any POV recordings/screenshots into our secure cloud database for future reference.
  • “Live Annotations” – If a remote worker needs help at a construction location, instead of flying out the expert, the in-office expert could provide live annotations to indicate what to focus.
  • Interested in ThirdEye Remote Help Platform? – Check out the ThirdEye Remote Help Platform page to view more about this platform and its other features.

How ScanEye Platform benefits Engineers?

The ScanEye Platform is a powerful tool to generate 3D CAD models and overlay existing CAD designs onto the real world just by using the X1a.

  • Capture 3D models of construction sites – With the ScanEye platform, generate an accurate 3D model of any target object or location. For example, a worker could create a 3D .STL CAD model of a construction site & work using that model.
  • Save 3D Info into your database – Workers can save all the captured 3D models into a secure database or storage location for future reference.
  • Overlay 3D models on top of the real-world location – Engineers can import and visualize a blueprint design overlaid on top of the real world and view and interact with their projects in 3D.
  • Interested in ScanEye? Contact for other questions or to schedule your demo now.
AR Smart Glasses in Healthcare Market

Customization for your business? Other questions?

ThirdEye has over 500 software developer partners making AR/MR apps ranging from Gaming/Entertainment to B2B apps.

  • Need a customized app just for your needs? ThirdEye’s software team can develop that! Contact
  • Want to check out other available apps? View the ThirdEye App Store to browse other apps available on the X1a that are relevant for Engineering!
  • Have any general questions? Check out our Forum or view our YouTube videos or contact!

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