First Responders are now Empowered by AR Headsets, Saving More Lives Than Ever Before

With a primary purpose of providing medical attention, saving lives, and defusing natural and human-made disasters, first responders must always have access to the newest advances in technology. As augmented and mixed reality software and headsets have developed recently, first responders can now have the height of technology at their fingertips to make their jobs more efficient and impactful than ever before. Thirdeye Gen’s X2 MR Glasses allow first responders to stay hands free while responding to motor vehicle accidents, natural disasters like hurricanes, and all other types of emergencies. Firefighters and police officers have the ability to utilize the thermal sensor in dark environments and when trying to locate people in the scene of an accident or natural disaster. A thermal sensor built directly into the front of the X2 glasses will save first responders vast amounts of time while locating people and avoiding potentially harmful threats simultaneously.

A further feature of the X2 MR Glasses that is beneficial for first responders is the RemoteEye application from our MR Workspace. This tool allows the user to communicate wirelessly with a remote expert (such as a doctor) when responding to an emergency. To avoid having to transport somebody to the hospital that is in critical condition, EMTs can use the RemoteEye application while remaining hands free to receive live instruction. A doctor back in the hospital can instruct the user of the glasses on how to save somebody’s life or at the bare minimum, treat the wound enough to create more time for the injured person to be rushed to the emergency room. The custom remote help tool also allows the remote expert to make live annotations in the user’s FOV to highlight a specific objects that they are referring to.

The combination of key features such as a thermal sensor and a remote help application give first responders the proper AR tool to assist them in containing natural disasters and saving lives at the scene of an emergency. However, the X2 MR Glasses go beyond these features with the ability to connect wirelessly to a drone. First responders use drones to visualize the scene of an accident or disaster to get a better understanding of what caused the event and how they can efficiently resolve the situation. While wearing the X2s, EMTs, firefighters, and police officers can deploy a drone and see what the drone is seeing through the headset. This wireless connection will allow first responders to locate people involved in the accident quickly while responding to their injuries and the hazardous environment. Wearable AR headsets are shaping the way that first responders assess and defuse emergency situations and will ultimately save more lives than ever before.