How AR is impacting the Airlines Industry- ThirdEye’s AR Platforms

From enhancing operational task efficiency with step-by-step visual AR instructions for an airplane assembly process to providing remote expert help or in-flight entertainment for passengers, ThirdEye’s AR platforms help save time, increase customer satisfaction, and cut down on costly or dangerous errors.

ThirdEye AR for Airplane manufacturing & assembly-


Major manufacturing companies such as Boeing and Airbus have thousands of technicians who work on assembling aircrafts and machinery that require very detailed assembly operations.  These tasks often require workers to carry a physical blueprint manual to review how to operate a machine or they need an on-site technical expert to conduct a thorough review.  This is an intensive process that can be alleviated with the help of augmented reality smart glasses.


ThirdEye’s Remote Help Platform is a popular tool for technicians when they cannot find an answer from a manual and need an expert’s help.  With smart glasses, the airlines field technician can continue working and be hands-free while the remote expert can view what the field technician sees and provide live annotations or audio support.  All of the technician’s Point of View information is then saved in a secure cloud database for future reference if needed.


ThirdEye ScanEye Platform is used for 3D reconstruction & overlays of AR information, instructions and CAD modeling.  It is focused on large targets such as machinery or planes.  A worker can easily look at a target and generate it into a 3D model.  The 3D model can then be saved into a secure database or it can be used in conjunction with instructional software platforms like PTC Thingworkx where users can input AR instructions onto the 3D model.  This way new workers can look at any target object and visualize the step by step AR instructions.



ThirdEye’s Smart Glasses for in-flight passenger entertainment:


Augmented Reality can also work to enhance the in-flight passenger experience.  The X1a Smart Glasses can be used by passengers to watch movies or tv shows instead of watching on the typical small screen located on the back of the seat in front of them.

The advantages of the X1a are immense-

  • A much bigger High Definition viewing screen -the equivalent of a 90” HD screen at 10 ft.
  • Total privacy for the user – the passenger sitting next to you has no idea what you are viewing.
  • More viewing flexibility – passengers don’t have to be sitting upright because the smart glasses screen follows them wherever they look.



From the manufacturing line to the passenger experience, ThirdEye’s AR platforms have a direct and significant impact.  Come see for yourself at APEX 2018.



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