How MR is Changing the Logistics and Manufacturing Industry

Mixed reality hardware and software solutions are re-inventing traditional logistics and manufacturing processes while increasing job efficiency through IoT (the internet of things). Drastic leaps in technology are freeing field service worker’s hands while superimposing digital information into their field of view. With powerful software applications like remote help and 3D environmental scanning, job tasks can be completed with ease; saving both time and money for enterprise companies in addition to increasing key performance indicators like product quality, cycle time, and delivery performance.

Logistics and manufacturing companies are deploying augmented and mixed reality hardware and software solutions to optimize processes for their employees while reducing human error. By utilizing a tool such as the X2 MR Glasses, field service workers have access to on-the-spot trainings that will assist in using complex machinery and/or specialized devices. With live digital information, logistics and manufacturing workers can pull up step-by-step instructions as well as other documents and resources without having to step away from their current task(s). By having access to on-the-spot resources, live instructions, and field training videos, the learning curve for job tasks will be shortened exponentially.

A further advantage for logistics and manufacturing companies when implementing mixed reality solutions is the ability to perfect the order fulfillment process. While in a warehouse a worker needs to know where various items are placed, the fastest route to get to them, and a quick and easy way to scan/record incoming and outgoing items. By incorporating augmented reality solutions for all of these obstacles into a stand-alone device such as the X2 MR Glasses, logistical processes are combined into a user-friendly and efficient experience. Smart glasses can also assist in the pick-to-conveyor process or other picking solutions. The user can scan barcodes or QR codes and pull up a list hands free while examining what items must be included in a certain package before being placed back on the conveyor. Augmented and mixed reality hardware and solutions are quickly becoming the future of enterprise through workflow optimizations and improved worker productivity.