How ThirdEye’s Mixed Reality Smart Glasses are revolutionizing the Construction Industry

The Construction industry is one of the first industries to see a direct benefit of using ThirdEye’s MR Glasses. Field workers are utilizing our X Series Glasses to improve maintenance, repairs, and design communications.

Remote Help

Remote Instructions
Construction companies are decreasing the frequency in which they have to fly a expert to remote worksites by utilizing our Remote Help Platform. The remote expert sees exactly what the field worker is looking at, making diagnostics easy.
The Remote Help Platform allows for the field worker to receive annotated instructions while remaining hands-free to perform a task. This tool will allow employees to make better decisions and avoid delays in solving their day-by-day challenges.


Overlaying blueprint with ScanEye
The ScanEye Platform is a powerful tool to generate 3D CAD models and overlay existing CAD designs onto the real world just by using our X Series Smart Glasses. With ScanEye, users can easily scan and create 3D CAD models of tools and other construction equipment.
The ScanEye Platform also helps with the design process. One can take their existing blueprints and overlay them in the real world. Visualizing your design concepts in 3D can help you make adjustments you didn’t realize you needed before.
Another use of ThirdEye’s Smart Glasses is to utilize object recognition applications so workers can identify certain parts. Instead of bother a supervisor, the Glasses can recognize the object against objects that are in its database.
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