How ThirdEye’s MR Glasses are making improvements in the Manufacturing field (MRO)

Viewing a 3D CAD model with Smart Glasses
Mixed/Augmented Reality is starting to show it’s true power when it comes to the Manufacturing industry. Field workers are utilizing ThirdEye’s MR glasses to improve  maintenance, repairs, and overhauls (MRO) efficiency. Manufacturing companies are decreasing the frequency in which they have to fly a expert to remote worksites by utilizing our Mixed Reality Glasses.
Remote Help Smart Glasses
Utilize ThirdEye’s Remote Help platform to receive hands-free instructions from a remote expert.

Remote Help

Our Remote Help platform comes built into our X Series Smart Glasses. It is a robust see-what-I-see platform that allows the user to stream what they are seeing directly to a remote expert. Manufacturers are using this platform to perform routine maintenance and inspections, while remaining offsite.ThirdEye’s MR Glasses can be controlled entirely hands free, with either voice commands or head motion controls. This allows maintenance workers to be able to work with their hands while receiving annotated instructions.
Field Instructions Smart Glasses
Work hands-free while receiving annotated instructions.

 Assembly Instructions

ThirdEye Smart Glasses are able to aid field workers with assembly instructions. The user can view a 3D CAD model of the equipment they are working on being assembled with annotated instructions. Augmented Reality helps make assembly instructions more clear while also improving efficiency.
Viewing a 3D CAD model with Smart Glasses
View a 3D CAD model with annotated assembly instructions.
By integrating AR/MR solutions into your manufacturing sector, you will increase your operational efficiency and KPI’s while empowering your workforce and improving customer satisfaction. If you have any questions about our Glasses, please feel free to reach out at