How ThirdEye’s X2 MR Glasses are Leveraging MR/AR for Field Service

Remote Help Smart Glasses
The process of flying out a expert to help assist field workers can be a long and expensive process. With the X2, field workers can connect with and receive instructions from experts all while remaining hands free.
Field workers are utilizing ThirdEye’s X2 MR glasses to improve maintenance, repairs, and overhauls efficiency. Manufacturing companies are decreasing the frequency in which they have to fly a expert to remote worksites by utilizing our Mixed Reality Glasses.Remote Help Smart Glasses

Remote Help

Our Remote Help platform comes built into our X2 Glasses. It is a robust see-what-I-see platform that allows the user to stream what they are seeing directly to a remote expert.
Experts are using this platform to perform routine maintenance and inspections, while remaining offsite. ThirdEye’s MR Glasses can be controlled entirely hands free, with either voice commands or head motion controls. This allows maintenance workers to be able to work with their hands while receiving annotated instructions. The X2 can also utilize gesture controls to interact with augmented objects.Field Instructions Smart Glasses

3D AR CAD Models

The X2 glasses allow for the user to view 3D CAD models in their field of view. These CAD models can be annotated with instructions to assist the user during assembly. With these annotated instructions, assembly can be more engaging and proficient.
The user can use the X2’s ScanEye feature to create 3D CAD models of objects by scanning them with the glasses. After the object has been scanned, it can be uploaded to your database and shared with coworkers.
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