Industrial AR: How ThirdEye’s X2 MR Glasses benefit the Railway industry

In Industrial AR: the Railway Industry is one of the latest fields to start to adopt augmented/mixed reality solutions to help improve efficiency. Our Smart Glasses can be used in a multitude of ways to benefit Railway companies.

Recognize Markings on target objects

Our X2 MR Glasses are able to analyze Stencil Markings on any target object or boxcars by utilizing their 13 megapixel camera. After analyzing the markings, our glasses display information about right into the users field-of-view. Information that can be displayed can range from what cargo is inside the scanned boxcar to where maintenance on the train needs to take place. This application can be customized by ThirdEye as needed.

ThirdEye SLAM for Surface Detection

ThirdEye’s build-in SLAM ( simultaneous localization and mapping) allows for the user to detect changes in surfaces. This allows a conductor or maintenance worker to easily observe if a platform is flat, raised, or depressed with an accuracy of ~1 in. or less of drift.
Railroad SLAM surface detection

Send Live AR Annotations for Field Operations

With ThirdEye’s Mixed Reality App Suite Platform, the expert can see what the maintenance working in the field is seeing and guide them through each step of the task. This optimizes task time by allowing the field worker to have access to all the information they need in their field of view.
Receiving remote help

Overlay digital instructions/blueprints on real world

Our X2 Glasses improve troubleshooting by overlaying precise digital information on the user’s field-of-view. This reduces the operational costs of needing to train every worker, while making training and simulations more immersive and engaging.
Overlay digital instructions on real world view
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