Is AR the future of in-flight entertainment? Check out how ThirdEye is changing the flying experience!

Everyone’s been there before:  After an early wake up, traveling to the airport and standing in line at security…your Zone number is finally called to board!  You (hopefully) find a place for your bag, sit down and start to peruse the in-flight entertainment menu on the back of the seat in front you.  But as soon as the plane takes off, the person decides to recline their seat, leaving absolutely no way for you to enjoy your movie (let alone see the screen) without permanently damaging your back!

Augmented Reality Smart Glasses have just the answer that every airline passenger is seeking.

When you board the plane, imagine being given a pair of AR glasses preloaded with hours of HD movie & tv show content.   Once seated and before taking off, your glasses will display the pre-flight announcements with detailed videos, images and annotations of what to do in case of an emergency.  After take-off, you can recline your seat, stare at the ceiling or even look out the window and your TV and/or movie selection will be presented directly in front of you in a screen size much larger than the small seat-installed TV.  You can even browse the Internet and play games with complete privacy in the most comfortable position possible – without having to worry about what any other passenger is doing!

What used to be a fantasy is now becoming a reality with the invention of ThirdEye’s X1a Smart Glasses.

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