ThirdEye partners with Moyan Technology for International distribution Partnership ~50,000 X2 Smart Glasses over next 5 years

PR Newswire –   Guangzhou, China  & Princeton, NJ   10/22/2018 ThirdEye Gen, Inc. “ThirdEye”  is pleased to announce a core partnership and a technology shareholding with Moyan technology Guangzhou Co., Ltd.  to deploy ThirdEye’s AR smart glasses & AR/MR software platforms into the larger Asian market.  Moyan Technology, backed by _ CCentral Media, Guangdong Government Media &Government Business / Association / Society, Industry Business / Association / Society, Government Cultural Department, Government Science and Technology Department is an enterprise market Pioneer and leader in Asia in deploying AR technologies.  Moyan has previously successfully deployed to hundreds of thousands of users in the Cultural media, tourism, education, manufacturing, healthcare and other sectors of the Asian markets such as Japan, Korea and China.   “Moyan Technology is excited to create this core partnership and bring our ThirdEye’s AR Smart Glasses and platforms to the Asian market,” says Aeolus Tang- the Co-Founder of Moyan Technology.  “The Asian market is biggest and untapped market in the world , strong AR platforms can have a tremendous impact across many sectors here.  ThirdEye’s AR platforms with their smart glasses and built-in AR software such as AR Remote Help for manufacturing or 3D overlay apps for students provided us the easiest to implement solution since it is an all-in-one AR product.  We are looking forward to a long term partnership.”   “We are looking forward to being the first AR smart glasses to be deployed at this scale into the Asian market,” – Nick Cherukuri- Founder of ThirdEye.  “ThirdEye’s Smart Glasses, proprietary SLAM platforms and integrated AR/MR apps make it an easy-to-deploy solution.”   ThirdEye & Moyan will be deploying the X2 Smart Glasses & ThirdEye Remote Help & ScanEye 3D overlay platforms.  In the form factor of nearly a pair of sunglasses, the X2 has a ~45 degree field of view, 1080p Resolution, a VisionEye™ SLAM SDK fully integrated into the smart glasses for SLAM & Mixed Reality development, WiFi/Bluetooth/GPS, etc.  The goal of the X2 was to fit the most computational power for AR/MR into a small, user-friendly and affordable option.  In addition, ThirdEye has partnered with a major manufacturer which will enable the X2 to be shipped in mass scale- currently a significant hurdle for AR hardware.  ThirdEye has been taking purchase orders of the X2 for mass deployment & the official unveil will be at CES 2019.   —-ThirdEye is a leader in Augmented/Mixed Reality Smart Glasses and Software Development.  ThirdEye’s X1 & X2 Smart Glasses and Enterprise Software Platforms are used around the world.—