Augmented Reality Can Help Make Learning Math Easier!

Math is a difficult subject for many students across the globe. Some students need to be engaged and interact more, which is where Augmented Reality comes into play.Augmented Reality allows for students to learn mathematic in a non-traditional way. When learning about 3 dimensional geometry, its easier for the students to learn if a physical or virtual object is in front of them.With Augmented Reality, students can see 3D objects unfold into their shape nets, which can aid the student in learning about important topics such as volume and surface area. Students wearing ThirdEye’s X2 MR glasses are able to interactive with virtual shapes with their hands with the use of gesture controls.A study published in the Advances in Social Sciences Research Journal showed that augmented reality can help students stay engaged while learning. Their results found that augmented reality helps provide an enriched learning environment by promoted problem solving and active participation.If you would like to read Advances in Social Sciences Research Journal’s full report, please click here. If you want to learn more about ThirdEye’s MR Glasses or uses in the educational field, please contact