How Augmented Reality Glasses can help improve Education quality

There is no doubt that students across the globe learn more effectively from certain techniques. While some students can grasp concepts easily from reading, others need a more hands-on approach.One problem that educators seem to be struggling with is explaining 3D concepts through a 2D medium, such as a handout. Augmented Reality can be utilized to demonstrate 3D concepts while keeping students engaged.There are different ways to view AR content, but only AR Glasses offer a hands-free experience. ThirdEye’s AR/MR Glasses allow for students to interact with 3D virtual objects with their hands, voice, and head-motion.A new study published by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University in the Computers & Education journal showed that Augmented Reality videos can provide a more satisfying learning experience. Although they didn’t have a large sample size, the students in their study showed an enhanced learning experience and increased understanding of complex concepts in terms of spatially related learning and processing.Here at ThirdEye, we hope to get more of our AR glasses into classrooms so we can help bring Augmented Reality to the forefront of education. To read the full study by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, please click here.