The Future of Mixed Reality Across Industries

More organizations in all industries are starting to use augmented reality glasses and software, but the bulky headset and premium price tag are major barriers to entry for most industries and job roles. Mixed reality glasses are on the rise, capitalizing on the plethora of AR uses and advancing business applications with sleeker and lighter form factors, advanced computing power and more capabilities. In fact, 68% of workers believe that MR will play an important role in helping to achieve their companies’ strategic goals over the next 18 months, according to a report that Microsoft commissioned from Harvard Business Review.

Today, more and more AR and MR technology is making its way into different organizations, including airline, automotive, engineering, architecture, field services and healthcare. Many companies use smart glasses or only AR software, but MR technology has continued to evolve, and the industry now expects full end-to-end packages that include both MR glasses and AR software for customers and employees.

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