ThirdEye Gen Partners with Dolphin Medical Imaging to bring Mixed Reality Tech to Healthcare

The promise of mixed reality – which involves the merging of real and virtual worlds through a technological device – has led investors to pour billions into startups like Magic Leap and a major effort from Microsoft to develop their HoloLens product.

While the entertainment and gaming applications for the technology are clear, mixed reality has seen increasing use in industrial and enterprise settings.

Mixed reality glasses startup ThirdEye Gen is betting hard on the technology’s intersection with healthcare and has developed a partnership with handheld ultrasound company Dolphin Medical Imaging to bring their devices into the clinic.

Based in Princeton, New Jersey, ThirdEye Gen is not as well capitalized as some of its competitors, but has developed smartglasses that CEO Nick Cherukuri touts as much more portable and affordable than existing options on the market.

The company’s X2 mixed reality smartglasses are about half the size of the Microsoft Hololens and retail for $1,950, compared to $3,500 for Microsoft’s device.

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