ThirdEye partners with Verizon OCR to showcase AR Situational Awareness Solutions

ThirdEye partnered with Verizon’s Operation Convergent Response to showcase how ThirdEye’s AR solutions/ smart glasses could be used in conjunction with other first responder technologies such as aerial/ground drones to aid first responders with situational awareness. ThirdEye worked with Verizon’s secure network and utilized the 5G environment to better aid in the first responder scenarios. Below is one example in which ThirdEye’s solutions were utilized for Smart Glasses deployment. The goal of this scenario was to test for any evntual deoployment of these wide scale solutions (AR) for first responders across different agencies. o ThirdEye is a Augmented Reality Smart Glasses Platform. It will be utilized by the attendees so they are going to be able to see live feed of the Air Drones and also Ground Drones. o CYPhyworks will provide a tethered drone. o Dynamis will provide EOC software o Powerline and Nomad will deploy another tethered drone. Attendees will be standing by in a hotel lobby close to the crash site as a ploy to get them close to the site. With the use of pyrotechnics and Audio, we will simulate the crash happening outside the building. We want to be able to have them move to the crash site and possible help with the first response. Role player cuts through attendees in the lobby and exits the hotel door. As he exits, pyrotechnics detonates, and crash is simulated. Man drops at door of hotel from shrapnel injury. “Off-Duty” First responder comes in and direct the group to come help in the response. Team Leaders move their individual groups to different parts of crash sites to begin stations. Team Leads (TLs) will begin by showing situational awareness (SA) applications to show locations of victims, responders, etc. Once that is complete, Team Leads (TLs) will use SA information to move to designated victim, and demo how telemedicine will work in the field as they treat patients. TLs will then discuss what the aerial drone capabilities are, and how ground robotics are being used. Deploy drones over crash site. Deploy ground robotics to assist in identifying victims or accessing vehicles. Nomad Tethered drone, and Fly motion “Visibility Beacon”. Super droid deploys scoot bot to assess situation. Drone locates triage site, and moves over site as “Visibility Beacon for people to move to that location. Visibility Beacon drone must be passed over SA software once triage location is identified. The live drone feed is streamed on to the ThirdEye smart glasses so that first responders can be hands-free while receiving the air and ground drone feeds. First responders also use ThirdEye remote help platform for live hands-free assistance. Attendees move outside of Hotel Lobby and follow TLs into the intersection. Attendees observe drones and robotics moving into intersection. TLs share information on Casualty Collection Point and show how Visibility Beacon Drone is indicating that location. Push Notification for free Wi-Fi availability is sent via screen grab/push notification. Square Check in app zones safe area for uninjured to move to that location. Attendees move to Casualty Collection point. Attendees observe benefit of telemedicine, then move to the Command center for the deconstruction briefing. Guests are met with first casualty from the helicopter crash. The victim will present with core shrapnel injuries. An off-duty (first-first responder) will be able to apply initial first aid as well as assess the injuries on site. Drones will be launched to assess the situation. One team will be able to see the drones executing a survey of the crash site via third eye technologies. (Drone footage will be mirrored to the lens). We will see the spot selected for initial casualty collection and triage. ThirdEye Smart Glasses offer first responders the ability to be hands-free while they work at a scene and get any relevant digital data displayed. One group will be tasked with locating a priority patient this is in desperate need for an epi-pen – an emergency reaction has placed this person in a life-death situation. The full test scenario helped first responders see how technologies such as Smart Glasses could be used to aid them.