ThirdEye showcased the world’s smallest Mixed Reality glasses at CES 2019

The X2 Mixed Reality Smart Glasses
Earlier in the month, ThirdEye unveiled their two latest Smart Glasses at CES 2019.


The first of the two that were showcased was the X2 model, the world’s smallest Mixed Reality glasses. The X2 boast a 42 degree field of view while remaining around 6 ounces.
The X2 Mixed Reality Smart Glasses
The X2 Mixed Reality Glasses
The X2 has built in SLAM, or simultaneous localization and mapping, which allows it to perform Mixed Reality applications instead of just Augmented Reality. With Mixed Reality, our glasses are able to interact with the real world allowing for accurate positioning and placement of virtual objects.


We also unveiled our X1a Smart Glasses at CES 2019. The main difference between these two glasses are the field of view, optics, and resolution. The X1a has a 45 degree field of view with 1080p resolution, compared to the X2’s 42 degree FOV and 720p resolution. The X1a is around 7 ounces.
X1a Mixed Reality Smart Glasses
X1a Mixed Reality Glasses


We demoed two different applications to those attending CES. On our X2’s, we showcased a gaming application that has a dragon fly at you from the distance. Our glasses would detect the distance in front of you then spawn the dragon a certain length away from you.We demoed a object recognition application on our X1a. This application is able to detect the objects that are in the line of sight of the Smart Glasses. This application has many use cases in the manufacturing sector, allowing for field workers to easily identify unknown parts.
X1a Mixed Reality Smart Glasses at CES
Both of the aforementioned applications are available on our app store. The ThirdEye team has a blast meeting everyone at CES, we hope to see you all again next year!