Verizon’s 5G and ThirdEye’s mixed reality glasses help change how we see the world

Mixed/Augmented Reality glasses require a high bandwidth to effortlessly transfer the large amount of data that AR/MR requires. Thankfully, with Verizon’s 5G network, this is finally achievable.With a 5G network, our glasses are able to offload the majority of their workload to the edge of the network due to the increase of bandwidth and reduction of latency. Since a large part of the workload is being handled on the edge, it allows for ThirdEye to decrease the weight and price of our glasses.
With ThirdEye’s MR glasses, first responders can view a live drone feed or view other important AR information right in their field of view, all while remaining hands-free. Our glasses also have object recognition capabilities that makes working with unfamiliar objects easier and more engaging.
If you would like to read Verizon’s full article where they go into deeper details about 5G and ThirdEye’s glasses, please click here.