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X1 Smart Glasses™

X1 Smart Glasses Technical Specs

X1 Smart Glasses X1 Smart Glasses ThirdEye AR Glasses
X1 Smart Glasses

What comes with your order:

  • X1 Smart Glasses

  • ThirdEye App Store

  • ThirdEye USB Wall Charger & USB/USB-C Cable

  • Earphones

  • Warranty & Quick Start Guide

See the X1 Spec Sheet for the hardware specs. View X1 Smart Glasses Videos On YouTube! Shop Now
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Download AR/VR apps from the ThirdEye App Store

Download AR & VR apps from the ThirdEye App Store! The ThirdEye App Store allows you to try out new AR/VR experiences- for example, an app that gives an AR tour of a city.

Visit ThirdEye App Store

Use our ThirdEye Augmented Reality App!

With the powerful ThirdEye Augmented Reality Platform, you can use the X1 Smart Glasses to revolutionize your daily life.



Packed with powerful sensors, the latest optics & a long battery life, the X1 smart-glass from ThirdEye allows users to experience the next generation of Augmented Reality.


  • Model Number:
  • Resolution:
    1280 x 720 x RGB
  • Field of View:
    40 degrees (diagonally)
  • Virtual Image Size:
    90 ‘’ at 10 feet
  • Platform:
    Android 7.0
  • Camera:
    HD Camera
  • Connector Ports:

    microSD, mini-Jack for microphone,


  • Sensors:

    GPS, 3-axis gyroscope, 3-axis

    accelerometer, 3-axis compass, Digital Motion Processor (DMPTM), Brightness sensor,

    Thermal Imager (Heat) sensor & Magnetometer sensor

  • Battery:
    ~8 hours
  • Weight:
    ~9 oz


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