Recap of AWE 2019

ThirdEye’s team had a successful showing at the 10th annual AWE conference in Santa Clara, California. The team was thrilled to meet thousands of conference attendees who were able to test out the SLAM SDK demo on our X2 Smart Glasses. During the demo, visitors at the ThirdEye booth got a first-hand experience of the tracking and edge-detection capabilities of our custom built SLAM application. In addition to the attention-grabbing demo, the team also showcased our OmniEye application, which allows users to view eight entertainment screens at once while moving their head in various directions.

As the show progressed, ThirdEye had the opportunity to network with current partners such as Lockhead Martin and Atheer, and future partners from companies such as PTC, Ubimax, Reflekt, and ScopeAR. The team discussed how our Android 8.1-based hardware is user friendly with an open source software, allowing software developers to implement their customized solutions onto the X2’s. Potential customers and partners were able to learn about ThirdEye’s mission and why our product is right for their businesses. We worked with Atheer on integrating their software with our custom ThirdEye app suite, top-tier car companies on developing roadside assistance through augmented reality, and with universities to upgrade their medical and engineering educational experience. The ThirdEye team also loved the opportunity to speak with respected journalists such as Charlie Fink from Forbes and distinguished writers such as Shel Israel.

Following the networking events, CEO of ThirdEye Nick Cherukuri gave his main stage talk highlighting the technological capabilities of the second-generation smart glasses. The exciting and detailed presentation also drew attention to our end-to-end software solutions for customers and brought a flood of visitors to our interactive booth (we thank everyone for their patience while waiting in line to test out our X2s). The biggest part of the talk was the announcement of our new Partner Software Generate Program. Developers can now benefit from Revenue Share Agreements, the Partner Success Program, and Lease Programs. For more information on this exciting announcement, click this link.

We would like to thank BrainXchange and AWE co-founder Ori Inbar for a great conference! Furthermore, we look forward to new partnerships and more events like AWE in the future so we can pair our X2 Smart Glasses with developers and augmented reality businesses alike.

Until then…Generate the Future!