Remote Help & Point of View

AR Smart Glasses

The ThirdEye remote help Point of View application was one of the first apps our team developed. The reason for developing this application was its universal use. The ability that “See-What-I-See” has a transformational impact across many industries. From telehealth in healthcare

to aiding remote workers in logistics to tutoring students in an educational setting. The ThirdEye app on our X1 Smart Glasses is impacting many sectors, from small/mid-sized companies to Fortune 500 organizations.


AR in Organizations


Some organizations have noted a 33% savings in operational efficiency with ThirdEye. Some Key Performance Indicators are more likely to have a massive impact on the implementation of ThirdEye’s platform. Such as enormous growth in first-time-fix rates, an increase of product uptime, substantial drops in truck rolls, better time-to-resolution and superior overall customer experiences. These KPI’s improvements have a powerful impact on the overall operational efficiency.


For Software Developers


Because the X1 Smart Glasses run on Android, it is easy to write AR applications on it and use existing SDKs to augment the application. Our team developed the live annotation feature in the ThirdEye app using a current open source

Android library which enables a lot of customization. Our team is continuously adding new features to the patented ThirdEye app based on customer feedback. For example, adding a process that enables a remote expert to send “step-by-step” instructions out to a field worker.

The broad applicability of ThirdEye’s app is what makes it exciting and user-friendly. It is a platform that we foresee could be in every office and home soon. Market research by IDC, Goldman Sachs & Gartner indicates the same level of impact of AR. By giving users the ability to be hands-free, X1 Smart Glasses and remote help platform seek to bring about the future of work life.