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Live Point of View Communication via X1 Smartglass

View the point of view of a remote person wearing the X1 smartglass with

live audio and video communication.

Person wearing Smart Glasses

By rotating your head to the left, the virtual screen displays the live video call with the remote web-based user.  The aim of this is to feel as if you have someone helping right over your shoulder.

The middle screen is clear enabling you to be hands-free and continue with your task easily.

Virtual Screen Displays

By rotating your head to the right, the virtual screen displays any annotated images or data (pdf, word, etc) that is sent by the remote user.

Three-Screen Interface enabling user to be Hands-Free

While wearing the X1, the user is entirely hands-free and can continue to work while giving a remote user the X1’s live point of view.  The beauty of the ThirdEye software is the app is controlled via head-motion.  Our goal was to enable X1-wearers to easily continue with their tasks.

Virtual Reality Software

Hovering the cursor over a menu icon for_seconds opens the respective menu

View with ThirdEye Software

Hovering the cursor over a contact prompts the option to make a call

Third Eye Software

Hovering the cursor over the left and right icon begins the call or cancels the command, respectively

Virtual Reality Software

This image exhibits "3 screen" layout seen from wearer's point of view

VR Software Applications
VR Software

As person rotates, Augmented reality screens remain fixed to field of view.

Send live annotated AR data into the Field of View of a remote person

A remote expert can take a screenshot, annotate it and send it directly into the field of view of the X1 wearer. The remote expert can also annotate directly in the field of view of the expert. For example, say a remote person A is having trouble fixing some machinery. Person A puts on the X1 and an expert who could be thousands of miles away in front of a desk can annotate the field of view of person A to indicate exactly where the issue is- all with real-time audio & video communication.

Stream between multiple users wearing X1s or from the X1 to Browser

Two users wearing X1s can connect and see each others’ Point of View as well. However, the most commonly used case is a person wearing the X1 and another person in front of web browser.

Save all recorded data into secure database for future reference

Any screenshots, recordings or any other data during a session between users can be saved in a secure database for access later.  For example, if a user wants to re-watch a video where a remote expert annotates to show how to fix some machinery.

Compatible with any smartglass running Android

The X1 runs on our custom ThirdEye Android OS. If your smart glasses use Android and has the necessary hardware components, the ThirdEye software can be modified to run on that smart glasses.