There are different types of support

1. General Support- For normal customer questions. General help desk will answer questions. email. Don’t need to spend much time with them just refer to Forum. If their question is not in Forum and is not personal info then add new questions into Forum so future person has it. This is free support so you can easily refer them to Forum for answers.
2. Enterprise Support- These companies buy support packages for dedicated support. A senior ThirdEye technical rep will be assigned and the ThirdEye rep will keep track of hours spent. This includes calls, immediate email support, screen-sharing, etc. This also includes custom software development for the EnterpriseFor Enterprise support, you can check which Enterprise/how many hours are left in support via your Enterprise support tab. Keep track of hours spent for Enterprise packages.Enterprise support packages can be purchased at
3. Product refunds- First check with ThirdEye warranty (website footer)- does their reason fall within it? If not, inform them that the warranty does not cover their use.If so, inform them they have to ship full product back per quantity. Process refund via Stripe and email confirmation via support email.
4. Developer support- for emails to help answer software developer questions & ask ThirdEye dev team if any questions. Refer to forum. Can schedule calls as necessary.
5. ThirdEye App Suite Users- If you are a standard or unlimited User of the ThirdEye App Suite, a support specialist will help answer any questions related to using the app via email with a fast response time.
ThirdEye offers dedicated support packages. Please refer to the below table and contact for more info.