ThirdEye AR with User Comfort in Mind

At ThirdEye Gen, we strive to engineer an AR headset that not only includes powerful software tools, but also has the best comfort offered on the market. Our X2 MR Glasses only weigh 6 ounces and offer a 42 degree FOV with powerful sensors and cameras. With powerful components like an XR1 processor and rechargeable lithium ion battery, the X2s were carefully designed to have equal weight distribution and a proper center of gravity. By incorporating proper weight distribution, the user will notice that the glasses are not too front or back-heavy and that the mass of the headset is not overwhelming at any part of the design.

Each pair of X2 smart glasses comes with built-in padding on the inside of the headset which allows for long-periods of usage without any physical strain. The X2s have three contact points including the nose piece and the wings that wrap the user’s head which are made with vulcanized rubber. Additional comfort included with the glasses is an attachable strap that users can tighten behind their head to create a snug fit.

Different than most headsets in the market currently, the X2s are a standalone device with no external wires or battery packs; allowing users to work freely with their hands while avoiding any hazardous situations. A final piece of comfort incorporated into the design of the MR glasses is the ability to attach corrective lens inserts behind the face plate for clear vision. By allowing the user to attach corrective lens inserts, there is no need to squeeze your glasses behind the X2s visor and display pieces.