ThirdEye demos X2 and X1a MR Glasses at Verizon 5G media event

On Tuesday, the ThirdEye team visited New York City to attend Verizon 5G’s media event. ThirdEye was able to give a group of journalists a sneak peak at the future of MR/AR with 5G technology. Some of the networks that were able to attend were USA TODAY, Fox News, Yahoo, and CNET.Verizon’s 5G network is going to allow for the AR/MR field to make advancements that were not feasible before. The high bandwidth and low latency of 5G and the power of edge computing allows for AR/MR glasses to offload majority of their workload to the edge of the network. Our glasses will become significantly lighter and achieve a more ergonomic form factor with 5G because of the reduced compute and power needs.Our founder, Nick, was able to demonstrate a variety of use cases for our X Series Smart Glasses. The use case being discussed in the image above is the ability to view the live-feed of a drone through ThirdEye X2 or X1a Smart Glasses. This use case was demonstrated at Verizon’s Operation Convergent Response event for first responders.Our Remote Help Platform was another use case that was displayed at the media event. Verizon’s 5G network will allow for our glasses to receive video transmissions with lower latency than what has been possible before.If you would like to learn more about our Smart Glasses or the role of the 5G network in AR/MR, please visit our website or email us at: