Thirdeye Gen Inc., Excited to Attend AWE 2019 Conference

On May 29th, ThirdEye will be kicking off a 3-day event at the 10th annual AWE conference. In roughly one week, the X2 smart glasses will be proudly showcased to businesses and consumers interested in exploring the future of augmented and mixed reality. ThirdEye is exuberant about demoing the advanced capabilities of the smart glasses which will allow users to mix technology with their real-life surroundings. The X2s use computer generated images through a stereoscopic dual see-through display to produce a 42 degree wide field of view.

At the annual AWE conference, President Nick Cherukuri of ThirdEye Gen will be presenting about how the X2 smart glasses provide enterprise business solutions. Those who are attending the conference will have the chance to learn about various functions and benefits of the smart glasses including 5G compatibility, VisionEye Slam technology, and the ability to use gestures to navigate the user interface. The X2s will also be on display at our booth (#519) for conference attendees to try on the glasses and experience how the user interface is interwoven with the real world. While demoing the glasses, consumers will have a first hand experience with applications designed for B2B solutions as well as gaming.

ThirdEye looks forward to the event that highlights industry advances in augmented and mixed reality. Additionally, ThirdEye is excited to provide businesses with enterprise solutions that will ultimately save companies time and money through the power of mixed reality smart glasses. The ThirdEye team will also be introducing the brand new software partner generate program under embargo to augmented reality early on the first day of the conference. Make sure to stop by the ThirdEye booth and the special presentation by President Nick Cherukuri at the 10th annual AWE conference to learn more about the X2 smart glasses.