ThirdEye MapEye Platform

ThirdEye MapEye Platform

ThirdEye’s MapEye Platform allows the placement of digital info anywhere on the real-world.

Wear the X1 Smart Glasses and see any digital info overlaid on top of real world

View 3D animations, videos, information, etc. all live in your field of view- no need to hold up a phone or tablet

Our easy to use web admin interface allows you to add/edit/remove any data you want to show at any location!

The MapEye groups platform allows you to customize & showcase different geo-located info to different groups!

It’s as simple as downloading the MapEye app from your X1 App Store

Pricing: Please contact

Campus Tours

Enhance your tours with the power of Augmented Reality- place 3D visualizations over campus locations to provide more info during the tour.


Show users where specific products are located & provide more info about it.

Museum Tours

Look at an object and see a 3D visualization or video enhance it.


Enhance delivery logistics with tailored geo-located directions & information.