ThirdEye Real Time Image Recognition Platform

ThirdEye Real Time Image Recognition Platform

The ThirdEye Image Recognition Platform is a powerful Augmented Reality application that allows you to recognize anyone or anything while wearing the X1 Smart Glasses. Scroll below to learn about the individual features.

Recognize anything in real-time and in your field of view!

Input any info and the ThirdEye AR platform learns it! It’s as simple as inputting your data files/information you want to appear next to it & turn on the ImageEye app on your X1 Smart Glasses!

Input any objects, humans, etc in picture or video or 3D format- our proprietary platform is trained to recognize any data input with 90%+  accuracy

Our easy to use User Interface makes it simple for you to input whatever data you want & control/modify your data points

The use cases range from HealthCare (Real-Time image recognition for Alzheimers disease), Manufacturing (Recognize objects/inventory directly in your field of view), Law Enforcement (Recognize danger in live in field of view)

Image Eye pricing
Pay-per-data: Only get charged per the data points you want to recognize
Enterprise:  Custom high-volume pricing- contact


Applications for Alzheimers- recognize info or people directly in your Field of View


Scan information about product packaging in real time in your point of view

Law Enforcement

Recognize dangerous objects or suspects live in your field of view & in real-time


Look at a player and immediately get their stats / info live in your FOV!


Easily train new workers with information about machines live in their field of view


View 3D information about an object just by looking at it.