ThirdEye Real3DOverlay Platform

ThirdEye Real3DOverlay Platform

ThirdEye’s 3D overlay Platform allows you the easily scan any real world object into an accurate 3D CAD file or overlay existing CAD files on to the Real World.  Easily capture or visualize your 3D data. Learn more below!

It’s as easy as putting on the X1 Smart Glasses & clicking on the ThirdEye app. No need look down at a phone or tablet or laptop- instead, everything is live in your field of view.

Scan the real world (objects, roads, buildings, machinery, etc) into CAD format and easily import into your software

Exceptional accuracy of the 3D data capture.  Within < 5 mm for 90% of objects.

Overlay 3D CAD content over the real world with stunning accuracy.  Open a pre-existing CAD file and view it overlaid on the real world

View how your designed models look on the real world all directly via your Field of View.

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Scan a real-world View your CAD drawings overlaid on top of the real-world.


View your drawings overlaid on top of the real-world! Visualize in real life exactly what you’ve drawn.


Scan into your database any object into a 3D file.


Visualize accurate 3D overlays of information on top of a human body