Why the ThirdEye Remote Help Platform provides a powerful Augmented Reality solution for Field Services

The ThirdEye Remote Help Platform provides a powerful Augmented Reality application for Field Services. In combination with the X1a Smart Glasses, the ThirdEye Remote Help Platform provides Field Services a method to enhance operations, better KPIs, increase worker safety and save costs. There are several main reasons why the ThirdEye Remote Help Platform is so beneficial for Field Services uses: a) View the remote expert live in your field of view with live HD audio/video. A technician wearing the X1a can view the remote expert at the top right of the AR field of view. Instead of having to look down at a tablet or laptop or booklet, the technician can be hands-free and continue to work while wearing the X1a and receiving live audio/video commands. b) AR screenshot & annotate: If a field worker has a question about work, not only does the ThirdEye platform have live audio/video, but a remote expert could live screenshot & AR annotate to specify exactly where to focus on. This provides field workers additional AR functionality to make the work process more efficient. c) Large field of view: With a ~40 degree field of view, the X1a smart glasses give field workers a wide screen in which to view AR content. This is imperative for ease of use and to view AR content easily. d) Large battery life: A 2400mAh battery life charge with hot swappable and replaceable batteries means field workers can use for a full work day running a powerful Remote help app and also replace batteries when running low. e) Integration into company subsystems: Third Party company databases can be integrated into the app for seamless flow of data. The ThirdEye Remote Help Platform and X1a Smart Glasses provide Field Workers a powerful, straight-out-of-the-box AR solution for Field Services enterprises. Contact sales@thirdeyegen.com or visit ThirdEye at Field Services East Show at Amelia Island for a remote demo today!

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