ThirdEye Remote Help Platform

Remote Help Platform

X1a Smart Glasses

From small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, the ThirdEye Remote Help Platform provides a powerful “See-What-I-See” platform with Augmented Reality features.

A Hands Free See-What-I-See

Stream live precisely what the X1a user is seen to a remote expert. It is possible to stream X1a to X1a or X1a to the web. The powerful X1a 13-megapixel camera provides a clean and HD view of the situation.

AR Smart Glasses

Live AR Communication

Give instructions and assistance through the Remote Help Platform. Live Point of View audio/video communication. It is as you were right beside the X1a user. Give and receive live annotated instructions as you complete your task.

Field Services



Remote Help Platform

You can dramatically benefit from ThirdEye’s Remote Help Platform. Increase your operational efficiency and KPI’s while empowering your workforce and improving customer satisfaction. Case studies show task reduction times up to 40%


Reduce Travel Costs

Start taking advantage of the AR technology to reduce cost. No more unnecessary travels, have a remote expert give instructions to your team on the ground without leaving the office.


Empower your Workforce

Give the tools your employees need to perform at the hights level. Live feedback directly from the front line of your business. This tool will allow your employees to make better decisions and avoid delays in solving their day-by-day challenges.


Customer Satisfaction

Resolve your customer’s problems without having to do multiple visits. Improve your efficiency directly were is more critical for your revenue and make your clients recommend your business because you have a better support team.

Hands-free mobile computing, endless possibilities.

Ruggedized Military based Technology for the Commercial and Consumer Worlds. A straight-out-of-the-box solution.

Screenshot & Annotate Live

Screenshot and Annotate to provide precise help and guidance for your field worker. Save all your recordings/screenshots into our secure database for future reference.

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AR Smart Glasses

Experience the world with the X1a.