ThirdEye Workspace – A Fully Integrated Software Tool for Enterprise

With every purchase of the X2 MR Smart Glasses comes the ThirdEye Workspace. Our powerful and fully integrated software application includes several functions that are designed to benefit enterprise companies. Vast improvements in key performance indicators, productivity, and safer work environments will be seen after an adoption of the ThirdEye Workspace software. By utilizing the functions of the Workspace, enterprise companies can empower their employees through augmented and mixed reality tools while improving customer satisfaction. Our goal is to help companies save vital resources such as time and money while simplifying employee tasks with digital information at their fingertips 

The ThirdEye MR Workspace application is forever evolving with new functionalities being constantly added. Our two flagship tools in the ThirdEye Workspace include the RemoteEye application and the ScanEye application. Through the RemoteEye application, field workers can receive live instruction, training, and expertise from a remote expert. This function of the Workspace can save businesses up to thousands of dollars by avoiding having to send experts out to the field to assist workers on oil rigs, construction sites, etc. Furthermore, factory workers are also able to pull up training videos and get certifications in real-time situations while working with intricate machinery.

In addition to the RemoteEye application is the ScanEye application which used a custom SLAM SDK to generate 3D CAD models. By scanning your environment through the X2 Smart Glasses, field workers can create interactive models of specific objects or their surroundings which can be manipulated in shape and size. A further function of the ScanEye application is the ability to wirelessly send the CAD models through bluetooth or wifi to a remote location where the information can be gathered and stored. These unique functions of the ThirdEye Workspace will allow enterprise companies to bring their businesses to the next level of efficiency and productivity through augmented reality solutions.