ThirdEye’s OmniEye Platform

ThirdEye’s OmniEye Platform

ThirdEye’s OmniEye Platform – A powerful app on our X1 Smart Glasses that shows multiple screens in your field of view.

ThirdEye’s OmniEye Platform lets you watch multiple HD Screens just via head motion

Watch multiple HD screens simply via head motion! Turn your head up,down,sides to easily move between screens!

Customize as many screens you want to show- 3, 8 even 16 screens!

Place any content you want in those screens- TV Shows, Real-time streaming, Apps, etc.

Our X1 Smart Glasses offer total viewing privacy- only you can watch the content!

Our easy to use OmniEye admin interface lets you add/edit/change the screens

Contact if interested!


Find out why sports organizations use our OmniEye platform to watch multiple games


Stream shows simultaneously onto the X1 Smart Glasses

Information Technology

Balance different screens live in your field of view – stocks, apps, data

Customized Experiences

Create interactive apps with OmniEye.