ThirdEye’s TensorFlow based Image Recognition Platform

Real-time Image recognition is one of the most powerful uses of Augmented Reality Smart Glasses. Because information is displayed directly in the your live field of view, you do not need to hold a phone or tablet up. By allowing you to continue with your real-world tasks and just “augmenting” with the relevant digital data, smart glasses simplify the technological process. ThirdEye’s X1a Smart Glasses uses the open source TensorFlow machine learning platform to create its real time image recognition platform -ImageEye. Tensorflow’s deep convolutional neural network uses a complex mathematical matrice approach to train applications to recognize specific objects. The beauty is nearly anything can be recognized if enough data is fed into the system and modern day CPUs/GPUs can handle this computation within a small wearable form factor like the X1a Smart Glasses.
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These AR applications have tremendous use cases from aiding people with Alzheimer’s to organizing real world content better. As more of the world’s data gets organized and stored in the AR cloud, apps that can compute and display relevant information for specific use cases will become more pronounced.

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