VisionEye SLAM SDK

(Coming Soon)

VisionEye ™ is built by ThirdEye to allow its Mixed Reality Glasses to better understand and interact with the real world. ThirdEye engineered VisionEye specifically for the X2 MR Glasses. VisionEye offers a cutting-edge SLAM SDK for AR/MR development

VisionEye Features

Inside Out 6-DoF Motion Tracking

Ability to accurately track the smart glasses position in the real-world. VisionEye combines with camera tracking and motion sensor data so that a real-time position of the device is recorded. Additionally, no tracking cards are required. You can move around and the digital AR objects stays put and location tracking is maintained.


Environment Understanding/ Plane Detection

The ability to identify surfaces in the real-world environment, like floor, tables, walls, ceiling, etc...


Tracking Accuracy

About one inch or less of drift


Outdoor & Indoor SLAM Use

VisionEye can be used both outdoors and indoors. Minimum depth distance of .1m and max distance of 50 M tracking with no marker. Longer distances achievable with a marker.


Light Estimation

VisionEye detects the lighting ambience using an ambient light sensor, thereby enhancing the appearance and making the visuals accurate in real-time. This information lets you light your virtual objects under the same conditions as the environment around them, increasing the sense of realism.


Spatial Sound

VisionEye places audio at specific locations thereby enhancing the sound experience for MR to be mapped accurately for a more realistic audio experience.


Anchoring Objects

To accurately place a virtual object, VisionEye defines an anchor that ensures its ability to track the object’s displacement over a period of time. VisionEye efficiently improves its understanding of the position and environment over time.



Easily create applications with VisionEye.
Integrations for Unity, Unreal Engine and Android Studio available.


Full Environment Meshing/Room-Scale Mapping

VisionEye uses a proprietary system to do full environment meshing in a small glasses form factor without needing to carry any additional processing pack.
Better tracking and recovery: If you lose tracking you can recover faster. No more having to reset the scene because of lost tracking.
Scene Memory: Since we know the mesh of what a room or scene looks like we should be able to turn the unit on, walk into a room we have been in, and see our AR objects where we left them.
Dynamic occlusion available so that virtual objects are located accurately in the real world. Dual eye 3D content rendering available so that 3D objects look more realistic.


Long Battery Life & Noise Cancelling Microphones

1750 mAh single battery.
40% faster charging with quick charging.
Dual noise cancelling microphones for audio commands.



ThirdEye can customize VisionEye for your needs or Integrate into your hardware solution as an SDK. Contact for more information.