Why ThirdEye’s Mixed Reality Smart Glasses are the all-in-one AR/MR Enterprise Solution

What separates ThirdEye’s MR glasses from other Mixed Reality headsets is that ThirdEye provides a full range of hardware, software, and support. Our team is currently at the Industrial VR/AR Forum in Houston demoing the use cases for our MR glasses in Industrial settings.
ThirdEye’s X2 MR Glasses


ThirdEye offers the smallest Mixed Reality glasses currently on the market. All of ThirdEye’s smart glasses are completely untethered. Our X2 model weighs around 6 oz while our X1a model weighs around 7oz. Don’t let the small form factor fool you, our MR glasses are just as powerful as those excessively bulky MR headsets. Our glasses come with built in SLAM that allow for environment tracking. Our MR glasses contain a high resolution 13 Megapixel HD camera as well as depth sensors, thermal sensors, and a flashlight.ThirdEye’s MR Glasses can be customized for your specific safety requirements and certifications, such as; ANSI Z87, IP 66, and hard hat attachments.
Doctor connects with Remote Expert using ThirdEye Smart Glasses


All our our MR smart glasses run on Android 8, making it easy to developers to create applications. While we do encourage third-party developers to create for our glasses, the X2 and X1a are enterprise ready right out of the box. Our glasses contain the ThirdEye App Suite, which carries our Remote Help and ScanEye platform. The Remote Help platform allows for field workers to share exactly what they are seeing to a remote expert. The remote expert can then send back annotated instructions which the worker can view hands free. The ScanEye platform allows for the user to create 3D CAD models of objects by scanning them with the glasses cameras. As mentioned before, all of our glasses come with built in SLAM. If one needs an application customized for them, ThirdEye has a team of experience software developers that can help you create exactly what you are looking for.


Along with hardware and software, the ThirdEye support team is always there to help make sure everything is running smoothly. If something is not working correctly or is too confusing, we are always a call or email away. We also have a forum set up that may contain the answer to the problem you are looking for. If you have any questions about our glasses or the services we provide, please reach out to us at sales@thirdeyegen.com