Why you should utilize ThirdEye’s Mixed Reality Glasses for Drone Use

One of the most popular use cases for our Mixed Reality glasses is drone use. Without the use of Smart Glasses, the pilot of the drone has to use a tiny phone screen to navigate where they are flying.

Screen size

ThirdEye’s X Series Smart Glasses allow you to view your drone field in a view equivalent to a 90” High Definition screen at 10 feet away. A screen of this size allows you to view a more detailed look of your drone’s field-of-view.
Once you start flying your drone with a pair of X Series Smart Glasses, it will be hard to go back to a normal phone screen.

You will wonder how you even flew the drone with your phone in the first place!

Head-motion Controls

Our team is working closely with drone manufactures to incorporate our head-motion controls into the drone movement capabilities. Once we get this finalized, the drones orientation will follow the position of the Smart Glasses.Instead of manually inputing a turn, the user can just turn their head left and the drone’s camera will follow. See something interesting in the lower portion of your drone feed? Look down at the ground and you will now be looking at the feed below the drone.

Keep Your Drone in View

If you are using your phone to view your drone feed, its nearly impossible to keep your drone in your sight. Our Smart Glasses display is transparent enough that you are able to see your drone through the display.If you ever need to turn off the Smart Glasses display in a jiffy, you can take advantage of our Glasses’ voice commands. Simply say “ThirdEye, turn off display” and you will have an unobstructed field of view.If you would like to learn more about our Smart Glasses or Drone use cases, please reach out to us at sales@thirdeyegen.com.