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Creating custom AR experience

Need specific software applications for Smart Glasses just for you? ThirdEye’s in-house software developers can build and create  Augmented/Mixed Reality Software based on your  specific use case.  You do not have to worry about any hardware or firmware integration problems that affect 3rd party software developers because ThirdEye’s Software developers are in-house and work closely with our own Smart Glasses hardware team.  Read below and contact to get started.

Augmented Reality Smart Glasses

ThirdEye Software Developers

We have a team of experienced AR developers that you can count on. This cutting-edge technology is unique, which makes it harder to find extremely qualified AR/MR developers but ThirdEye’s in-house AR team has over 20+ years of experience making AR/MR content.

AR Smart Glasses

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It’s as easy as sending your app idea to a ThirdEye Rep at  The ThirdEye Rep will come back to you with an app development quote.  Upon agreement, our developers will get started immediately!

ThirdEye's Custom Software

Our ThirdEye App Suite Platform is a powerful, fully integrated software tool that comes with the ThirdEye Smart Glasses.  Check the ThirdEye App Suite page to learn more.



ThirdEye has over 500 software developer partners developing all types of amazing content for the ThirdEye Smart Glasses.  Check out our App Store page to see if there is an app there that you want to use.



The ThirdEye App Suite is a powerful, fully integrated platform that comes with the ThirdEye Smart Glasses.  Read about it and watch its videos to see how you could use it!


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For your custom app development, email and a ThirdEye Rep will respond with a custom quote.

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AR Smart Glasses

Android Based

Hundreds of apps in our app store & easy to create software platform. Most popular OS in the world. Easily customizable for your back-end APIs. Secure, manageable, and flexible – Android is ready for work.

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