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Creating custom AR experience

Need a specific AR software for your companies needs? ThirdEye’s developers can build and create 3D Augmented Reality Software based on your operations and market of your company.

Augmented Reality Smart Glasses

AR Developers

We have a team of experienced AR developers that you can count on. This cutting-edge technology is unique, which makes it harder to find extremely qualified AR/MR developers but ThirdEye’s in-house AR team has over 20+ years of experience making AR/MR content.

AR Smart Glasses


Whether you are a reseller/distributor or want to submit apps into the ThirdEye app store or want to become a Value Added Software Reseller, ThirdEye can create a custom partnership with you.  Contact us!

ThirdEye's Custom Software

Use our custom software platforms are recognized as the most reliable and easy to use AR platforms. Please contact us to know more.



ThirdEye has over 500 software developer partners making AR/MR apps ranging from Gaming/Entertainment to B2B apps. Get in touch and we will show you our best apps.



ThirdEye can develop your custom application & deliver it with the X1 straight-out-of-the-box just for you! Our experience with hardware and software give us a unique advantage.


Contact Us.

Send us a message and we will work together to achieve your goals with AR technology. Email us at and we will respond in less than 24 hours.

Hands-free mobile computing, endless possibilities.

Ruggedized Military based Technology for the Commercial and Consumer Worlds. A straight-out-of-the-box solution.

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Android 7.0

Hundreds of apps in our app store & easy to create software platform. Most popular OS in the world. Easily customizable for your back-end APIs. Secure, manageable, and flexible – Android is ready for work.

Experience the world with the X1.